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Oxcart Permit Systems

A permit is required for all work within the right-of-way. As of January 27, 2022, the Isabella County Road Commission uses Oxcart Permit Systems to receive and process permit applications. All transactions must be processed through Oxcart Permit Systems. This includes address requests, oversize trucking, driveways and road accessibility, drainage work, utility work, plan review, commercial site construction and any other work taking place in the right-of-way.

News & Announcements

Invitation to Bid

ISABELLA COUNTY ROAD COMMISSION Will accept sealed bids for: Reconstruction of Lincoln & Broomfield Intersection To Include Curb & Gutter, Storm Sewer, Base Crushing & Shaping, HMA Surface, Subbase, Slope

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Road Closures

Lincoln Road (M-20-Broomfield) & Lincoln/Broomfield Intersection

Lincoln Rd between M-20 & Broomfield Rd. and the Lincoln/Broomfield Intersection will be Closed to thru traffic and detour set up. Detour for Lincoln Rd Closure is: M-20 east to Mission Rd south to Broomfield Rd.

Detour for Lincoln/Broomfield Intersection Closure is as follows: from the west side: Broomfield Rd west to Whiteville Rd south to Deerfield Rd east to Crawford Rd north to Broomfield Rd. From the east side: Broomfield Rd east to Crawford Rd south to Deerfield Rd west to Whiteville Rd north to Broomfield Rd.

Crawford Road culvert Duncan Drain (Grass Lake – Herrick)

Crawford Road culvert north of Grass Lake Road over Duncan Drain has failed. Road is closed and traffic detoured. Detour is Grass Lake Road to Mission Road, Mission Road to Herrick Road, Herrick Road to Crawford Road.

Design has begone on replacement culvert, permits will be required from Michigan Environment Great Lakes Energy (EGLE) and the Isabella County Drain Commission.

Isabella County Road Commission

Vernon Road Bridge over US127

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and Isabella County Road Commission has closed the Vernon Road overpass at US-127 in Isabella County, after the bridge sustained damage following a high-load hit on June 1. Crews have inspected the damage and determined that Vernon Road will remain closed and detoured Mission Road to Rosebush Road, Rosebush Road to Isabella Road, Isabella Road to Vernon Road, until repairs are complete.

Design efforts for the repairs will begin immediately, with bid letting expected later this summer. MDOT hopes to have repairs complete this fall, dependent on design details, availability of materials, and weather.

Isabella County Road Commission

Loomis Road Crossing McKay Drain

Since the county wide flooding event that occurred April 12, 2014, the steel culvert under Loomis Road between Beal City and Weidman Roads has been compromised. The culvert is in Denver Township and routes the McKay drain under Loomis Road. The damage was severe enough to collapse Loomis Road and called for the road to be barricaded and closed until a replacement culvert could be properly and permanently installed. The replacement culvert will be a concrete box culvert of sufficient size to accommodate a future storm event and has been approved and permitted by the State of Michigan. The new box culvert is scheduled to be installed in the Spring of 2022 to once again open Loomis Road to traffic. Because of the resulting road closure after the flooding, the new construction should not affect ordinary traffic in the area. Please look for updates to the construction scheduling.

Isabella County Road Commission