Weight Restrictions

Weight Restrictions 

Weight Restrictions will be enforced on all class "B" county blacktop & gravel roads in Isabella County 

beginning Monday, March 11, 2019 @ 10:00am    

Maximum Loads permitted in accordance with Michigan Laws are as follows:

11,700 pounds per single axle vehicles

16,900 pounds maximum for all tandem assemblies 

The maximum allowed loading reduces the normal loading 35% during the spring while the frost is going out of the roadbed. 

Allowable speed limit for trucks on county roads during this period is reduced to 35 mph.
These restrictions will be lifted after all of the frost is gone and the roadbeds have dried out sufficiently.

List of Class "A" Roads
Restricted Roads List
Posted Bridges All Season Road Map

History of Weight Restriction Dates
    weight restriction history (1986 - 2014) in Excel format -Download
    weight restriction history (1986 - 2014) in Acrobat format -Download-


County Bridges with Weight Restrictions 

    bridge listing in Excel format  -Download-
    bridge listing in Acrobat format -Download-
    county map w/ bridge listings in Acrobat format