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Construction Projects

State/Federal Road Projects


Bridge projects


2020 Road Projects


Isabella  Road  Safety Project (at Bluegrass Rd & at Broomfield Rd.) Crossing Signals & Traffic Signal Upgrades (at Remus) Center Left Turn Lanes, Traffic Signal Upgrades  (0% complete)
Proposed Construction Start Date: tbd
Contractor: tbd
Proposed Completion Date: tbd
Funding: MDOT Safety Funds, Isabella County Road Commission, Union Twp.


63 Miles County Wide Overband Crack Seal throughout the County (0% complete)

Projected 32 mile County Wide Gravel Program (working with Townships on this) 

39.5 Miles of Chip Seal (Various Locations) (0% complete)

39.5 Miles of Chip Seal Various Locations (0% complete)
Proposed Construction Start Date:  August 1, 2020
Contractor: TBD
Proposed Completion Date:  August 30, 2020
Funding: MDOT Fed Stp Rural & State Cat D, Isabella County Road Commission